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Welcome to Hell


Rufus, our resident devil himself, has called you forth to receive eternal judgment. Join your fellow lost souls on a journey like no other. Together, you will traverse the circles of Hell’s darkest dungeon.


Trapped and alone for eternity, Rufus desired companionship. He lured the world’s darkest citizens to his domain. For them he created a sinister mockery of Mainstreet USA where the streets run red with blood and all souls are fair game. Follow your guides closely, they alone hold the secret to your survival.


Unable to provide sustenance, Rufus called upon the Loa of Dark Harvest; Mambo Marie. She used her profane powers to create the swamps beyond Mainstreet; teeming with life for the taking. To work those fertile grounds she summoned the masters of the hunt, the Firewood Clan. A family of sadistic cannibals, the Firewoods are always on the lookout to fill their larders with the freshest and sweetest of meats.


To cure his own afflictions and those of his people, Rufus created the Maniacal Asylum. A pinnacle of experimentation and treatment, its staff is composed of the darkest minds in all fields of medical science. Check in with Nurse Hatchet when you arrive. You won’t have to wait long, The Doctor is ALWAYS in…

Jugular Brothers.jpg

Sensing the need to appease the masses, Rufus searched far and wide for a solution. In the end, he summoned the mysterious Jugular Brothers to provide the ultimate entertainment.


Join JB Rotten and his Owl-Light Freakshow on your way to the bigtop for the strangest show the world has ever seen. Grab some snacks and play a few games in the midway before reaching the main attraction; The Bonkers and Blades Variety Show! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll puke, you’ll die!


Rufus created the ultimate warden to keep his motley collection of souls in line. Forged in the raging inferno of Hell’s Dungeon, Haywire takes his job quite seriously. Armed with advanced instruments of torture, he is a melodius symphony of mechanical misery.


A long and perilous journey awaits you. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and lay bare your darkest secrets. Should you escape these unhallowed halls, salvation will be yours!

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​Only one question remains…







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