Welcome to  Hell 

Rufus, our resident devil himself, has called you forth to receive your eternal judgement. Join your fellow lost souls on a journey like no other. Together, you will traverse the four circles of Hell’s darkest dungeon.

Your adventure begins in the sprawling necropolis of Ruby Falls. Once a quiet little town along Main Street USA, the citizens have begun preparations for the end of days; a deadly infection runs rampant amongst them. meet your end, or escape into the swamps to confront the source.

In the heart of the swamp lies the source of the infection and evil itself. Mambo Magdalene, the offspring of Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte, awaits you. You must receive her blessing and please the loa to pass safely through her territory or suffer a fate worse than death at the hands of her loyal servants; a cannibalistic family known only as the Firewood clan.  

At the edge of the Firewood ancestral land lies the gates to a truly maniacal asylum. Nurse Hatchet is standing by to process your intake forms. Beyond the waiting room you will be subjected to the latest forms of treatment and experimentation by the most infamous doctor hell has to offer, Dr. Hearn. If he can’t cure you, no one can. Your only option is to escape through the body chutes and into the sewers.

As you exit the sewers, you will stumble upon the strangest place the world has ever seen. Join JB Rotten and the Owl-light Freakshow for a change in how you perceive the world around you. His benefactor, The Jugular Brothers Circus, has been delighting and entertaining crowds for centuries. Unfortunately, you have arrived after hours. Lucky for you, Mr. Rotten knows of a secret entrance.

Make your way through the exhibits to the big top for the main attraction, where you will be delighted by the demented antics of the Bonkers and Blades Midnight Variety Show. They have taken over and no one is safe from their dastardly pranks. Follow them and their heinous henchman down the promenade and through the backrooms to the point of no return. A place where even clowns fear to tread, The Circus Workshop.

A madwoman and scientific genius has created the ultimate finale, but it seems to have gone a little… Haywire. Its up to you and your brave companions to put a stop to this mechanical madness before it is unleashed upon unsuspecting crowds.

A long and perilous journey awaits you. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and lay bare your darkest secrets. Should you escape these unhallowed halls, salvation will be yours!

Only one question remains…


Can you survive?