to Dismember

December 10th
from 7pm to 10pm and December 11th
from 7pm to 12am


Oh no! Santa's sneaky Elves are at it again. They have descended on the Dungeon and stolen all the Reject's presents and now Rufus is out for blood. Will there be blood and tears? Most likely! Will there be guts galore? Absolutely! And will there be pain and death? You bet! Because when you mess with Rufus' Rejects then Rufus will be there to seek his revenge. Rufus see's you when you're sleeping, see's you when you've been bad and good, and he see's all your mistakes. So for two nights only come see what happens when an Elf and Hell's Dungeon Rejects war gets out of hand. You will see Elf heads roll. Not even Santa can save his Elves now.